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  • Doing my groceries and standing right behind someone, I had a sudden need to be observant. The thought was how when someone uses a debit card always needs to cover their PINs, and so it is the usual deal that you cup your hand and cover you fingers entering your PIN on the keypad. At …   Read More

  • Raw milk or otherwise known as unpasteurirzed milk or milk that comes directly from the cow. Before the process of pasteurization existed, small farms produced and sold cow raw milk independently and just as other produce is currently sold by farmers like corn, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes etc. Raw milk was a staple of independent …   Read More

  • Growing up I really thought of the Olympic games being only as a second level interest, the first being the FIFA World Cup. Of course, it could be because I grew in a “soccer” country and so it only makes sense my interest fits this order of priority. In either case, when I learned that …   Read More

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