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Cancer is like the flu in that we all have the latent potential for it to happen to us. Like the flu, cancer ignites on those whose defences are eligible for an attack. Like the flu, cancer does not happen by chance, it could happen for a number of factors, but usually when we get …   Read More

Cancer is like the flu in that we all have the latent potential for it to happen to us. Like the flu, cancer ignites on those whose defences are eligible for an attack. Like the flu, cancer does not happen by chance, it could happen for a number of factors, but usually when we get a cold when our immune defences are low, our immune system can be affected by a zillion reasons, however we now know from clinical studies for our immune system to lower its defences, it must first occur in our minds, that is due to a form of stress. Stress is, in fact, the main initiator for just about any disease. What we will be actually suffer from after this point depends also on a number of patterns such as nutrition, contagious viruses, bacteria, etc. Therefore, any disease is preventable. To take the steps to avoid disease means us taking the power in our hands, we do not need to wait for the disease to develop, so that we can act. It seems like that this is so hard to understand for a lot of people that we feel like illnesses are foreign to us, whenever we feel healthy, we are aware that people get sick, but we are not aware that unless we take the necessary steps to avoid them we are as vulnerable as those people you know are currently ill. For this reason, awareness (as it is the main motto of this online community) is key. What steps can we take to lower the chances we will get a disease, but primarily on this article I focus on cancer, because it is such a terrible disease, to the point that conventional science often throws the towel on a lot of people, so I wanted to list some products that have been found to contribute on the onset of the disease.

Selection of cold cuts
Processed meats are without a doubt delicious.

Processed meats

I cannot highlight enough how consuming processed meats like bacon, sausage, hot dogs, hams etc are generally a bad idea and should probably be avoided whenever possible. There are now a few studies which confirm that regular consumption of processed meats can increase the risk of colorectal types of cancer. For example, this study which collected data from nearly 0.5 million people dispersed in over 10 European countries found that out of the biggest consumers of processed meats, 44% were likely to die prematurely, in addition their risk of heart related diseases increased by a factor of 72%. This is not to say that you will get cancer any time soon, if you are a consumer of these types of foods, but prolonged and consistent consumption will likely be factor.

Who doesn’t like a good BBQ?

Charcoaled meats

Not so different than processed meats, simply meats and specially red meats are cancer inducing, again in long term consumption. There are also studies which suggest that a long consistent consumption of meats increase the risk of getting cancer. When we consume charcoaled meats, for example when we do a barbecue the heating and essential burning of the meat produces a chemical reaction the animal flesh which produces form heterocyclic amines which studies tell us it is a cancer inducing chemical.

Out of all sugars, white sugar or bleached sugar is the most harmful.


Sugar is another of those silent killers, more so than red meats, not only because it’s effects are not widely exposed on the mainstream media, but also whatever it is discussed about sugar, it usually has to do with obesity or heart related diseases. The contribution for sugar in giving way to cancer is more far reaching than expected, it has been called the “cancer food” or the perfect way to nurture cancer cells. There are a lot of sources out, including reputable institutions like the Canadian Cancer Society, who are definite in stating sugar is not food for cancer, or sugar does not cause cancer growth. I would say it is very irresponsible for them to make a definite statement, at the very least, they should make an effort to present the evidence and let people decide, as there has been research and studies which show the link of cancer growth and sugar intake, especially for those who already have cancer.

PÜR gum is a new chewing gum which states to be aspartame free.
PÜR gum is a new chewing gum which states to be aspartame free.

Aspartame and MSG

Aspartame and MSG are two of the most harming and proliferate ingredients today. Whether it is chewing gums or instant soup mix, aspartame and MSG are found in a variety of food products. I have written previously about these two ingredients, both similar in that they both trick the brain to think their tasting either sweet or savoury (salty). Ever since I have been wrote this post on the dangerous food types that exist, I have been noticing more that awareness over these ingredients has gradually increased. And there is now enough evidence to at least cautiously avoid these food additives.

Brain tumors are on the rise.

Cellphone, Bluetooth and WiFi

As amazing as the controversies over aspartame and MSG still are, the controversies behind whether or not cellphone, bluetooth and WiFi waves are harmful or not continue. To me, whenever there is a controversy, it only tells me that something is up, so I take caution, if you are like me, you will perhaps be interested on looking at both sides and decide for yourself. Although studies do exist which show various links of types of radio waves, there is currently an overwhelming body of research which wants to reaffirm there is no danger. The problem is every now and then, you get people such as this scientist who in 2010 warned about the dangers of cell phone radio waves, or there is this Israeli study which found a link with cell phone waves and thyroid cancer.

Olive oil is perhaps the most common cooking oil.

Cooking Oils

If there is one cooking oil you will find in most kitchen’s is olive oil, as it turns out olive oil may not be a healthy as we may have led to believe. There exist much controversy in the information landscape about the fumes from cooking oils and the formation of compounds with the oil’s exposures to high temperatures. Again, there does not exist certainty on these ideas, but the issue still stands, perhaps consider other cooking oils like coconut oil, which is shown to be much more healthy.

Hard to stop and think about toothpaste, there are fluoride free toothpaste.

Fluoride in toothpaste

This chemical has now enough materials compiled to signal that we should seriously consider withdrawing from buying toothpaste that contains fluoride. The mantra has been, fluoride is good for you teeth and there appear to be enough studies to back this up. There is, however, compiling evidence to say otherwise. As if this isn’t enough to explain why history hint at us about how the Nazis used fluoride for the purposes of water contamination, or what is even more shocking to me is that in the news of the Syrian conflict, a chemical weapon was used, sodium fluoride, a deadly chemical used to poison rats.

Cleaning products are harmful because they stay on the surfaces.

Cleaning products

Out of all products and foods on this list, cleaning products are the easiest to point the finger to, after all we are all aware that many of the products tucked away underneath the sink do contain harmful chemicals, many are corrosive, but how many of us are ever conscious that aside from direct contact to your skin or eyes, these chemicals can also play a role in facilitating cancer cell growth in the long term? For a complete list of harming ingredients, see this article.

The microwave oven is one of those found in many households.


As it is common with many items discussed on this article, exposure to microwave radiation has been deemed generally safe by many professionals and studies. However, as it is the case with others, there is also evidence to the contrary, as a result this will create a controversy, I suggest you be warned about. Ask yourself this question: Can you get by without a microwave oven? The potential for microwave radiation harm has been said to steam two fold: 1. From the chemical released in microwave containers that become part of the food you microwave and 2. From the microwave radiation that gets released from vicinity of the microwave when it operates.

We hardly ever question chlorine, it should be added to the water.

Chlorine in water

To me chloride is similar to the case of fluoride in that it is another chemical that continues to be undoubtedly unchallenged. I do find it very interesting thought, as the news in the Syrian conflict’s latest chemical attack. Can you guess what ingredient was labelled to be this weapon’s main ingredient? That’s right, chloride, or a derivate of it. I know the chemists and scientists would want to dismiss the claim that chloride is in any way a concern. Why then there is more evidence that find more derivates of fluoride to be linked with cancer.

Woman eye
Society imposes women to wear make up. Does your health worth your looks?


Cosmetics are chemically based substances mostly women plastered on their bodies, because our society demands women wear make up. Not surprisingly, the primary type of cancer cosmetics have been linked to is breast cancer, as this study details. Some of the products to pay attention are: deodorants, lipstick, moisturizers and hair dyes. For a complete list, there is this article from the Cancer Research UK website.   After looking at these various ingredients, foods and chemicals we find around our homes, I found a couple of commonalities. One of them is, there is a lot of controversy with many products which have conflictive evidence, this is the case with exposure to cell phone radiation, which has been blamed for other ailments, such is the disappearance of bee colonies. I don’t write this article because I want to fear monger, I want to generate awareness that if not to avoid, at least to think twice about the use of some of these products mentioned in this article. Of course, I encourage to challenge me, but when you do if you would have courtesy of doing your own investigation, don’t just google on the Snopes.com website, because often those snopes are written by people like you and I and they can be wrong or they can be citing only one side of the evidence. We have to see that there is simply too much interest to not paint a specific product as harmful, because this would hurt established industries tremendously, which has the power to bring down economies and as it were countries.   Sources: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2013/mar/07/cancer-risk-processed-meat-study http://www.health.harvard.edu/press_releases/cancer-risk-from-bbq-meat http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1287842/As-scientists-warn-regular-mobile-use-CAN-cause-cancer-just-safe-mobile-phone.html http://life.nationalpost.com/2014/02/01/jane-macdougall-what-does-cancer-eat-sugar-mostly-and-other-lessons-from-my-dinner-with-a-professor-of-pathology/ http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/autism-rise-driven-by-environment/ http://digitaljournal.com/article/336384 http://blog.cellphone-health.com/2013/03/israeli-study-shows-cell-phone-radiation-thyroid-cancer-link.html/ http://scienceblogs.com/denialism/2013/03/01/dont-switch-to-the-mediterranean-diet-just-yet/ http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21716201 http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/apr/22/allegation-false-turkey-chemical-attack-syria http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/apr/22/allegation-false-turkey-chemical-attack-syria

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