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The Gaza bombings is in everyone’s mouths these days and deservedly so. The death toll due to the recent Israel military campaign has reach over 1,843 human lives as I write this article, many of them being children. I am sure by now you are pretty much aware of the devastation through all of the graphical photos …   Read More

The Gaza bombings is in everyone’s mouths these days and deservedly so. The death toll due to the recent Israel military campaign has reach over 1,843 human lives as I write this article, many of them being children. I am sure by now you are pretty much aware of the devastation through all of the graphical photos posted on social media and the media coverage in the last few weeks. There is definitely a lot of outrage in the world about what is happening, but there is still a lot of indifference in the world. The Gaza strip bombings and the civilians and children in Gaza are not the only ones being killed lately. The world is facing a lot of death tolls lately, some are even calling the year 2014 the deadliest recorded year in history and we are still mid way through. Here are other world conflicts with high death tolls these days:

Drug-related violence in Mexico

March_2012_550_360 The drug cartels in Mexico have been engaged in open war for decades now. The conflict has more so escalated since Mexican president Felipe Calderon initiated a crack down in 2006. It is estimated that the death toll as a result of ongoing conflicts is as high as 80,000, many of which are innocent civilians and children. The biggest culprit in this the Sineloa Federation, the largest and most powerful cartel. It is estimated that the organization has as many as 100,000 operatives active in 17 states. The Sineloa Federation is at war with Los Zetas, which is an armed wing of the Gulf cartel and consider the most violent and ruthless organization in Mexico. There are other smaller cartels at play, but generally the reason for the war is for control of the drug supply which flows not only around Mexico, but also to the United States and some parts of the war. Drug cartels currently tale in $64 billion from their sales to users in the United states.

Civil war and unrest in Iraq

Picture-1 The website Iraq Body Count (www.iraqbodycount.org) currently counts that a total of 193,000 casualties have occurred since the Iraq conflict started in 2003. From this number a total of 140,768 have been listed as civilians. According to the Centre for Research on Globalization, an estimated of 39% of casualties have been children. As if this is not enough, the state in which Iraq was left after two occupations and invasions by the United States’ “liberation,” the numbers show that 3.5 million children are living in poverty, 1.5 million under the age of 5 are undernourished, while 100 infants die every day. The biggest hike so far can be attributed to the recent incursions by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), so far the group has been responsible for an estimated 1,401 civilians, in fact the stories that are coming out from the atrocities happening in Northern Iraq, such are the Yazidi peoples who are being displaced out their homes in the hundreds, some parents have even chosen to throw their children from a mountain because of how barbaric the militants are.  

Civil war and unrest in Afghanistan

hires_110222-M-5919I-624a The current count as noted by the website, Cost of War, shows that at least 21,000 civilians have been killed since 2007. Not only this, but like in the Iraq conflict, the conditions for people have become to unbearable ultimately resulting in poverty, malnutrition, poor sanitation, lack of access to health care. In a number of operations that began in 2001 and only increased after 9/11 over the theme that the Taliban had strong ties with Al-Qaeda, however there is actually much to the interested invested in the poppy seed fields which have only increased. Control of Afghanistan has been on the neo-con’s agenda for a while, in fact opium production has sky rocketed more than ever. In 2013 alone, opium production was up by 50% with close to 5,500 tones produced.

Political unrest in Nigeria

_73205156_6b83ca3c-bf81-43e0-beb2-c503274e87e2 Nigeria has been in consistent political unrest since forever, however these times are perhaps one of the worse, the group Boko Haram, yet another murderous group that go on committing heinous crimes one after another. Although there isn’t really set number, it is very much known that Boko Haram has been responsible for thousands of civilian deaths. In fact, this year alone, Amnesty International has officially released that about 4,000 people have been killed in gruesome ways.

Political unrest in South Sudan

South Sudan The conflict on South Sudan or the South Sudanese Civil War that began in 2011, an ongoing fight between the government and the rebels. The conflict has reportedly killed tens of thousands, of course the guilt lies on both sides. As with other terrorists groups mentioned above, the crimes against humanity include killings of children in hospitals, gang rapes and looting of civilian property.

Civil war in Syria

s01_RTX14HWX Not long ago the Syrian conflict was in everybody’s mouths and Putin was known be involved in all of these, being a supporter of Bashar al-Assad  and his alleged use of chemical weapons. A pretext for U.S. intervention, thankfully a deal was signed that al-Assad was to rid off of the weapons. By now, however the war has been pretty consistent, however we don’t seem to hear much of it, one big reason for this is that the government of Bashar al-Assad has been pretty good at fighting off the insurgents in Syria, however all of that support those insurgents have been receiving has resulted in the rise of ISIS, everyone is now talking about. The most telling number however has been in the sum total death toll, a whopping 160,000 deaths attributed to the Syrian War, which began in March 2011. It is perhaps one of the worse humanitarian disasters of recent times, so why has this very consistent loss of human lives no longer receives the world attention it deserves?

al-Qaeda incursions in Yemen

Mideast Yemen The conflict in Yemen reached its apex in 2012 when a sum of 2,000 deaths have been attributed to on-going conflict following the resignation of their longtime president. The uprising which continues to cause casualties that include civilians, is yet another world conflict which is not receiving the attention it deserves. To lesser degree Yemen has been an active stronghold for al-Qaeda forces, but probably a conflict involving the United States that has not had the profile that Afghanistan and Iraq have had post 9/11. As with the Syrian conflict, the battles in Yemen ensue on an ongoing basis, to put it in perspective a total of 210 have been killed in this year alone. The conflict between the Yemeni-U.S. supported side and al-Qaeda militants continues making this part of the world another troubled war zone. Sources used:

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