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There are more than a few questions we often stop and ask ourselves, not all the questions in this article are questions you may have personally asked yourself, but most of them perhaps you have heard or seen others do in some form. I collected seven of those questions, a mere sample of questions we …   Read More

There are more than a few questions we often stop and ask ourselves, not all the questions in this article are questions you may have personally asked yourself, but most of them perhaps you have heard or seen others do in some form. I collected seven of those questions, a mere sample of questions we will encounter throughout our lives. I hope it serves as a way to help you think about them. If you have comments or additions, I welcome your contribution, my answers are mainly personal.

What is the meaning of life?

How many times should we stop and ask ourselves this question? It seems it is never enough. If there is perhaps one thing I have come to known to be truth is that part of the reason why we are here is to learn. After all everything we do, whether it is literally attending an educational institution or when we are simply faced with the eventualities of life, our every day experiences and roles that we adopt, are always for learning. When we don’t learn, it seems we are doomed to repeat that experience until we learn from it. A similar trend is observed education, that if you do not get the grade required to pass through, you are obliged to repeat it. So, is life the same as a whole?  If we adopt the believe of life after death, and we see live as a large platform for learning, are we to return in a similar role until we learn from it?

Does God exist?

Most of us want to believe in a higher power. The arguments given against a possibility of a God, such is the intellectual Richard Dawkins who desperately wants to sell the idea that religions are usefulness. This is different however, as we are talking about spiritually, the believe in something beyond what we can experience with our human senses. Each religion has its definition of a God, new religions like Scientology or Theosophy as it is the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard and Madam Blavatsky respectively talk not necessarily of God, as the higher being seating among the clouds, but God as being present in everything, animals, planets, stars and even in us. Also those advanced beings who have transcended the human experience, the likes of Buddha, Vishnu and the Christ. The existence of God is again personal, in my opinion, however you feel about it, I think the experience of God is found in many things, not necessarily linked to a prayer being fulfilled, but more so to the type of experiences that seem only belonging to something that is bigger than ourselves, such a birth, a rainbow, a beautiful piece of music.

Does life end when we die?

Whether passively or actively, we must all have contemplated this question, in whatever religion, spiritual or non spiritual doctrine we choose to adopt, the idea of what happens when we die is one that itches our curiosity. For this question we have several answers, religions have one for us, depending on what denomination you choose, science more or less has another, from here there really is no such as an accepted answer. If there is one commonality among all of the versions is that in life we must do always good. Christianly puts fear on believers by saying that if they are not good, they would have to answer to their sins later. So, I think, unless if you believe in a radical doctrine, the idea is to always do good unto others. To be ethical and to serve your community. That is the legacy you can leave behind whether life ends at death or not.

Are we alone in the universe?

The universe has an estimate of 300 billion stars, this is more than any of us can possibly imagine, so that means in this immense universe, the chances that life exist are pretty good. Most major scientists, like Carl Sagan, believe by now, most certainly life does exist. Whether we will soon meet our galactic neighbours or not is the real question. Of course, there are those who believe our galactic neighbours have already been coming to Earth even before existed. Some, like alternative thinker David Icke, take this idea further and theorizes the dinosaurs did not fully disappeared, but some species branched out into very advanced reptilians beings, which command the direction of humanity from a different dimension. Whatever it is the case, we are most certainly not alone.

Is there such a thing as magic?

Most of us have seen magicians like David Copperfield demonstrates works of illusion which defy imagination, the television screen has been a valid accomplice in creating illusions we also have been told is magic. David Copperfield has been called a magician, but his is really an illusionist. We have also come to known of the existence of witches and shamans. Terms like psychic, mediums, remote viewers are all types of people who claim to have the ability to see beyond, sometimes even across different times. I don’t know for sure if there is such a thing as magic, to me what comes close to real magic is technology. The ability for us to talk to anyone across continents or to start our cars with a remote from meters away, or how about the kinds of things computer software can do, like the apps we carry on our phones. Those, I think, are kinds of magic. Any computer engineer can try to disapprove me and say it is not magic, but I can tell you that this is the closest we have come to see it. Who is to say that from all of the stories of Merlin and magicians like him, what they have actually had been describing is form of technology, but which throughout time become to be understood as magic?

Does real love exist?

For those who are fortunate enough to have a experience a strong from of connection, the answer is most certainly yes. However, the experience of love is one that exist in the eye of the beholder. How we uniquely experience this very strong connection to another being other than yourself is rather experience we can hardly describe in words. If I think poetry would probably be the best venue to even attempt it. If I had to try I would describe it as a sense of you in someone else. It is a form of perceiving a part of your lodge in someone other than you. When it comes to family, it can be understood why our family ties are so important and why our love for our family is also strong. When you find love in someone outside of your family, this is like finding gold. So, yes real love as define above does exist.

Who am I?

This is perhaps the most important of all questions. Why? Because it is the one we have better chance at explaining or come to know for sure. It is one that is also very hard. Why is it even important to answer this question? One might ask. Well, because when you know who you are, you can start to live a more fulfilling life, one which is being aware of your strengths and weaknesses, as opposed to living on auto-pilot, I honestly wouldn’t even call it auto-pilot, but rather cruise control, because it is nowhere near as precise. What this means is the very definition of what is now know as a “shepple” meaning a human cattle, who is destined to be guided by the whims of society. When you attempt to know yourself, you start to gain back the reigns of your destiny, and set goals for what you want to do. Planning of your life happens in a more controlled manner. You also get the opportunity to become a more functional member of your community, your family and perhaps the world. Knowing yourself is one essential answer to strive for.

BONUS: Do ghosts exist?

This is a hard one to try to answer but like the believe in life after death, it is some thing for which we have many answers. Religions and science have one of their own, again depending on their denomination. Of course, there is an obsession with the concept of ghosts thanks to movies and T.V. shows. Some of us even have the privilege of having experienced what seemed an explained event. I have not had the experience myself, but know of a family or two who have seen an apparition, these two credible people in my life, this is why in my case, I have a tendency to believe ghosts exist, because as my note above, I also believe in life after death.

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