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It’s the battle of the sexes, in today’s world that terms doesn’t just mean men versus women. And although feminism has had its share of battles won, there are still many things for which women should be outraged about. Gender inequality now, however means more than just lesser opportunities for women, but even lesser human …   Read More

It’s the battle of the sexes, in today’s world that terms doesn’t just mean men versus women. And although feminism has had its share of battles won, there are still many things for which women should be outraged about. Gender inequality now, however means more than just lesser opportunities for women, but even lesser human rights for those who do not fall into the right category. I have said it before how less I think of the feminist movement, not because think women don’t have a point when they complain about the things women are not recognized about such as how many are CEOs or how many women are elected officials. So, in the ideal world, women and men should have the same rights and equal access to opportunities, but of course we don’t yet live in this world. Despite the fact there are inequalities, there are still some things women have it better than men, I think it is good that they are acknowledge some of these:

Clubs, parties and bars

Party Night in Montreal 060 Women get often get free admission to clubs or parties. Of course, why? because it would encourage men suitors to join or enter the party or dance club with a paid admission. While inside the club, if not free admission, women also get free drinks from men, of course there are hidden or clear expectations, but this point goes back to women’s advantage in the dating scene.


Back-to-normal-Deb-Jennifer-Carpenter-hits-the-dating-scene-in-A-Little-Reflection Everybody knows women get more proposals than men, and yes, of course more often than not, these also become unwanted and unnecessary. This reality does give women the upper hand out a greater pool of suitors, a reality not true of men, if not for the exception that there are some men who look like a ‘hunk’ and only then have a comparable advantage.

The workplace

6430110 For one, women somethings get hired purely because of their looks. And although this is not always a good sign, as it often happens in a workplace where men are running the show. The other point is the disbalance of the number of positions for men versus women, some companies also have a quota for how many women they should have on their payroll, so on this basis alone women need to get hired. Something else to add is that sometimes women get a long-term maternity leave often with a secured position waiting upon their return.

The law

Kiss+police There is a lot of harassment of women from the officers of the law, but it also so happens women get a lot of freebies, such as the number of times officers favour women to men from anything from traffic tickets to murder cases. It is also more conceibable for men than women to commit acts of violence. One example is the number of unreported male rapes that happen all of the time but go unnoticed. Somehow, because you are a women, it is becomes harder to make the case you would have unwanted sex, unless of course it comes in the share of a priest abusing children of the same sex or rapes in prison. Also, more often than not, women will win the child custody cases, some times more deservingly so, but true the scale is not even here.

Everyday treatment

womancar1_3020726b Although the art of being a ‘gentlemen’ is a disappearing practice, it is generally accepted women should be treated slightly better than men, after all whenever there is a tragic event, like a fire, you always hear “women and children first!” Women should have their car door opened (or any door opened for that matter!), women should be spoken to kindly and so on. I believe such treatment should be indulged upon anyone of any gender, but the reality (although fading) is that women should be treated better.


fun with friends We humans are social animals, we have heard this over and over, but is it not true women are more social than men? Of course, it can be argued we cannot measure all women with a single stick, but more often than not, this is true. It does seem there is something about women that allows them to socialize better than men. Again, this is an advantage as women tend to be more capable to not only start relationships, but also keep them and nourish them. Having a good network of relationships, sometimes intimate, allows to be more happy in life as they build a circle of bonds that can support their lives.


history-of-men-crying-1101183-TwoByOne It is generally acceptable for women to show their emotions, if a men cries, they are ridiculed from childhood with the old saying “men don’t cry,” whereas nobody told women it is not ok to cry or hence show your emotions. Men grow up with this mantra in their heads and emotions get internalized. Of course, as we grow up, some of us realize that is ok to be touched by something that triggers our emotions, whereas women do not need to struggle with this dilemma.   I am very much aware an article with a reversed title “100 ways men have it easier then women” is so much easier to write and list. It would be so much easier for me to write this list and there are many many ways men have it better than women. We do live in a male dominated world, I am not in denial, and I don’t condone it. I think we should all be treated equal, but the reality is we don’t live in this world and whereas I think this way, I don’t agree the extremist approach of the feminist movement which tends to be guilty of being unfair to men sometimes.

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  • KP Styles

    Sexiest stuff like this is why society will always be stupid. The world will never be proper with the way things are with genders.

    • Marc

      Oh here we go… If this is sexist to you, this bolters the case of the article even more, that men can’t even tell the truth, because even the truth has a feminist bias. One day, white knighting men like you that can’t get a mate without pandering to blatant gynocentrism will be the minority and the rest of us can finally self-advocate for some true equality in this bitch (marital law and just about anything else legal related to be frank). Keep pedaling men own everything when the men that do represent less than 5% of all men. You’re worse than entitled women because at least they get something for their efforts.

      • KP Styles

        What your saying makes no sense their can’t be equality with genders if both are always treated differently. Don’t reply with something that makes no sense.

  • Kat

    I hope you know that you none of this attains to the female experience, you are wrong, and insulting in your attempts to describe our existence.

    You poor fool.

    • Seems to me that the person that alledges something without putting the effort to demonstrate what they say is the mark of a poor fool.