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It is not very common these days that we come across a documentary that can actually have clearly and tangibly bring benefits to our lives. A few good...

It is not very common these days that we come across a documentary that can actually have clearly and tangibly bring benefits to our lives. A few good old examples of documentaries which surfaced where the ones with a concentration on environmental issues, such were the documentary Earth (2007), or the very graphically rich documentaries by director Ron Fricke. These documentaries brought light to the reality of our planet, the harm we cause to our planet, our home. Similarly, with the adage of “you are what you eat” directors James Colquhoun and Carlo Ledesma really strike a note in Food Matters (2008) to have put together a group of people from doctors, raw vegan experts and scholars who are agreeing on the concept that in healthy foods lies the key to good health. By¬†demystifying a few of the most well known we live by such as:

Pharmaceuticals don’t cure, they only target symptoms

The documentary makes very well the case to assert that pharmaceuticals, such as antibiotics or chemotherapy for cancer, are not designed to cure disease, but instead simply barely placates symptoms. The rates of chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, heart related disease and cancer are on the rise. Of course, one can say, so its the world’s population! Whether it is the population or not, the reality is we are still just “living” with them. While these terrible diseases continue to take a toll on our families, not withstanding we are not necessarily immune to them. The experts in Food Matters (2008) allege that the key to long term health and prevention of chronic illness lies in making healthy choices. The documentary was very fair to say that not all pharmaceuticals are bad, they did acknowledge the benefits that some drugs and breakthroughs in modern medicine have brought us, such as pain control, organ transplants and different body repairs. They also did a good job breaking down the motives behind an industry which profits on keeping people ill, without needing to go deep into complicated conspiracies.

There is a reason why alternative medicine has a hard time thriving

It is difficult to stay free from conspiracy theories, and yes it is true it is very easy to fall into one. However, it is hard to not hear the explanations to why we have not heard better answers to why the simple ideas outlined in the documentary can only really be explained by the already well documented public relations machine driven by powerful corporations. As if it is not enough, it is also well documented the cross over that exists blurring the lines between those who scientifically validate food production and those who rubber stamp it. While there is a lot of conflict of interest sitting in pharmaceutical companies, educational institutions and government agencies. It is then very hard not to see that their interests are very much intertwined and together, they seem to have very little regard to find solutions which would perhaps not generate much profit. While we live in a society which must find profit from just about any endeavour, it is indeed hard to resist to see why there cannot be much of an interest to strive to live in a society which is free of illnesses, because as the documentary very well outlines is: “There is no profit in healthy living.”

You are what you eat

dvdAs simple as it sounds and it is what I have written about the capacity for our bodies to self regenerate, if we simply give our bio machines a push and lead it in the right direction with proper foods and healthy choices, we can definitely live a fuller live with healthy bodies, but also with a healthy mind. If there is a topic, which I would have appreciated to see more of is the what lies behind the use of orthomolecular medicine and mental health. This is the reason why I cannot give Food Matters (2008) a five star review, because simply, if we talk about health, we cannot really ignore mental well being.

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