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The topic of genetically modified foods (GMOs) is of most interest to me, why? because out all dependancies, such as water and air, food is perhaps the most...

The topic of genetically modified foods (GMOs) is of most interest to me, why? because out all dependancies, such as water and air, food is perhaps the most influential one for humans. This is because food, unlike water and air, can contain a multi varied amount of ingredients, most of which, in this day and age, are now being created in the lab. This is of course why GMOs of much greater consequence than anything else we come in contact with. This is specifically the case in North America, as we know well GMOs are pretty much unregulated. In Canada, we are influenced by the power of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) who has continuously been approving and allowing varies companies from drug companies to food compounds. In this regards, we have the the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), another body of government in the U.S. who are embedded with large multinationals like Monsanto who is now the world’s largest producer genetically engineered seeds and also insecticides like Roundup. Monsanto has managed to obtain so much influence and power through lobbying in Washington D.C. that they now hold a number of patents on seeds and other organisms that they are entitled to sue farmers if they do something as replanting seeds post harvest, a practice that was common sense since probably the beginning of farming in human history.

This is how bt corn works, the bacteria make the stomach of the critter explode, and we wonder where all the spike in digestive problems come from…?

One of the unbelievable things that Monsanto has been allowed to do is the invention of mixing up “killer” bacteria in food, most specially in corn. This is known as Bt corn, because it means that the a gene for the Bacillus Thuringiensis (Bt) toxin, a kind of engineered bacteria, created in the lab, has been mixed with the genes of corn and thus created a type of corn which when insects bite off the corn their inside stomachs explode and die off. Monsanto has been allowed to do this since 1988, and as a result, we are starting to see the results of this experiment. The implications we are seeing today are huge and it is no longer a theory, there are more and more scientists and researches who are speaking out about the consequences of GMOs. Following the official release of GMOs in 1996, we are seeing increases of chronic illnesses jumping from 7% to 13 %; food allergies that did not exist before coming up, disorders like autism, reproductive disorders and most especially digestive problems are on the rise. This is interesting also because corn is perhaps the most versatile food of all. Corn, like soy, is the prime food fed to livestock. This means that from this animals we collect meat, milk, eggs, fats, leather and other products. From corn, we have our cereals, we have starches used for baking, and byproducts go into alcoholic beverages, from corn we get corn syrup used on candies, ice crew. Also, most striking, corn sugar s used in diets for infants and diabetics. I can on and on, but you get the picture that because corn is such versatile product that when Monsanto decides to meddles with it, it meddles with a big chunk of the food supply. Therefore, if Monsanto has created Bt corn and it has been in the grocery stores and used for different purposes, we have in our bloodstream, and through different sources been living with these compounds.

The ShopNoGMO app shows which products are not GMO. Download it and take it with you.

So, the advice is as such, do not buy GMO foods, or at least avoid them at all costs. These GMOs are causing and will cause so many side effects for you and your loved ones, it is better to spend more money on making sure you buy organic than having to face one of the many results of GMO consumption. There are organizations and resources available for you. The Institute for Responsible Technology (http://www.responsibletechnology.org) actively produce news and resources about the use and consequences of GMOs. They also have scientific testimonials, if you are one of those people who are hardcore sceptical, on the reasons why GMOs are to be avoided. The Non-GMO Project catalogues and keeps track of the companies that produce non-GMO foods, they also offer a certification process for companies that carry their brands, so they can be easily identified while grocery shopping. In addition, there is the ShopNoGMO (http://itunes.apple.com/app/shopnogmo/id393454798?mt=8) mobile application, which is a great companion free application which lists all of the products deemed non-GMO that you can take with you before making a purchase decision. I leave with this video which is an except from the recent documentary the Genetic Roullette (http://www.responsibletechnology.org/posts/?p=2215) which does a wonderful job to explain why GMOs are to be taken more seriously.


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