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Among the biggest deceptions we have been told by the media and the foundations of our society is that money equates to happiness. I cannot even count the number of times I hear people in my own entourage telling me how their drive in life is to be rich, to obtain tones of wealth, to …   Read More

Among the biggest deceptions we have been told by the media and the foundations of our society is that money equates to happiness. I cannot even count the number of times I hear people in my own entourage telling me how their drive in life is to be rich, to obtain tones of wealth, to invest in the “smartest” stock and capitalize on the success of some company’s IPO, to become an entrepreneur and come up with the greatest idea and become a billionaire in the way that Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates did with Facebook and Microsoft respectively. How many parents live in this believe and drive their kids to choose a career that is most favourable to the capitalization of wealth. Let me not be the first or last to tell you that happiness cannot be found in the attainment of money and materials goods. I hear then and again this believe that drives masses of billions of people around the world who fiercely believe that money is going to solve all of your problems and lead to bliss.

Let us unlearn our wisdom of the world…and learn that truth alone makes rich and great. – Anonymous

If you just take a second and reflect on the examples we see everyday, we look at the so-called “stars” who parade themselves (and most often than not by force) in front of our eyes through the tabloids and the media. We see and know of their possessions, their physical beauty, their love lives and state. Yet, what does all of that turns into? If we look at Tiger Woods for example, we know he was living up the “America dream” and more, by being at the top of his game, millions of money, possessions and a beautiful wife. However, Tiger was not satisfied with his life or at least he was greedy and unsatisfied, he felt he needed more to fill the gap. We hear then and then of stars who are depleted by drug habits, consumed with anti-depressants, alcohol and mental illness. Think of the few you know now like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and others. Think of the unfortunate case of Hollywood stars who commit suicide: Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and Witney Huston.

Men…seek money or power…for they aspire to the highest, and this, in their sleepwalking, they dream is the highest. Wake them, and they shall quit the false good and leap to the true.” – Anonymous

Imagine for one second having a away to have all of your wishes granted by some, let’s say you are now a God, what are the things you would ask or obtain? Think of a movie like Bruce Almighty, where you are God. Will you wish for richness? Health or youth? Possession? Romance or passion? Then ask yourself, imagining this amazing possibility in front of you, is that really you wanting all of these things? Or are these wishes put and implanted for you? You can tell me one thing right here: What do you know? Did you become a billionaire and know that this is not happiness? Well no, but then again there are a few number of people who have attained it all of them who discover that money did not solve all of their problems. All it did was to put a golden pillow you can place underneath broken arm, a pillow that cancer sufferer can use to put your head on, but it is just a pillow, the pillow cannot fix your broken arm or fix your cancer. In fact, most deadly diseases cannot be cured with money, look at Steve Jobbs, all those millions did not help overcome his deadly illness. We all age, even presidents and CEOs, they will age too and they too will lose their high-end positions. They will grow old and lose their standards and face the cold bucket of water truth: That they are as problematic, complicated and imperfect as everyone else.The former dignitary may find himself realizing that he went on chasing power and greed, when instead could have work for his true happiness rather than the happiness that is modelled through the lenses of a materialistic society.

While he sits on the cushion of advantage he falls asleep. – Anonymous

We all have something inside us that makes us unique, we cannot find happiness by following some kind of model. We also do all bring a number of imperfections and deficit, whether it is due to our imperfect upbringing or due to unfortunate events that happened in our teenager life. The truth is that unless we work on ourselves and remedy the raptures that keep accumulating. If we ignore those cracks, in what we rather believe are perfect packages, then we will face the cracks at some point of another, we can only run but not hide. The cracks will show up whether it would be through someone who pushes your buttons to the point in which we either eliminate ourselves or harm others. Isn’t that the case of the many cases you hear of people in the news whom are viewed by their neighbours and family members as “good” people but who suddenly turned into a murderer or rapist? Or don’t hear of cases of people who kill themselves slowly or quickly, whether it is decaying through the consumption of drugs like cocaine or meth, or through the decay of one’s own body with the additions like alcohol or sex? Of course of these issues, money cannot not fix, so why strive for money? Why do we continue to buy on the idea that money buys happiness or the attainment of money will make you happy? Well, this is an even larger topic here, but that is because it serves the capitalistic machine. Indeed, I did not even touch on the very important point that is related to the topic of this post and that is that in this way we are sold, money equates to happiness, we are in this endless competition to get, get, get and to beat the other. To get a better, bigger home than your friends, to get a faster better looking car, better looking wife, better looking TV, computer, office desk etc etc. This greed and life of getting, is not in our nature, what is in our nature is to be altruistic, to be empathetic, to care for your neighbour, to do a service for your community, your family, to do something to improve the quality of others. This is our true nature.

Great souls are they who see that spiritual is stronger than material force, that thoughts rule the world. – Anonymous

Every time and day that we go against this natural way of humans, we step over ourselves and every time we grow a farther and farther away from our own happiness, from true happiness. So, I write in a call to make you aware of this and start acting and wake up, find your true vocation, your true nature, your true mission in your life.

Harder still is has proved to rule the dragon Money….A whole generation adapted false principles, and went to their graves in the belief they were enriching the country they were impoverishing. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Stop conforming to what TV shows you, what the beliefs of society puts you to do. You don’t want to grow old and realize this when you cannot undo all of the time wasted in the never-ending life of achievement. When you are dead, what will you do with all of the things you have? Can you take the money you collected with you?

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