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I should begin making it very clear, I am not a vegan and I am not promoting to stop eating red meats altogether. I believe to take such extremes can cause as much as harm as the extreme of eating too much red meats. What I want to write about is highlighting some of the …   Read More

I should begin making it very clear, I am not a vegan and I am not promoting to stop eating red meats altogether. I believe to take such extremes can cause as much as harm as the extreme of eating too much red meats. What I want to write about is highlighting some of the harms that consuming red meats are known to cause. Unlike cigarettes or alcohol, red meats do not receive the attention they deserve which should highlight some of the dangers of consuming animal flesh. As with cigarettes and alcohol, the consumption of red meats needs to enter a level of awareness for those who consume these meats, in a way that will allow them to consume moderately rather than believing that there is no danger or harm whatsoever other than a sudden indigestion or the feeling “fullness.” I compare red meats to cigarettes and alcohol, because there is a similarity between these. If there exist no awareness that cigarettes were harmful, there will be more and more people, including children, who would go on having them without opposition or critique from anyone. Regular consumption of red meats have already been link to serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart related issues. Although, there are those who will argue that red meats are important for us, because of their high protein content, I will tell you that if you keep reading this article, I will show that although red meats do contain a good portion of proteins, there are vegetables and legumes which beat red meats in protein content. The real reason why red meats are a real concern are due to some of the following links to deadly linked reasons:


It is no secret to common knowledgeable that red meats contain a high ratio of animal fat, which as you may have heard it is called saturated fats, which in time can clog arteries leading to heart complications in the long term. The other truth is that the body does a food job at converting fats into sugars, which means that not only are your arteries clogging up when you consume red meats, but also you are increasing your sugar intake which contributes to increasing your chances of getting diabetes.

Heart problems

As established above, heart problems will ensue on a prolonged consumption of red meats, however that is not just it. Researchers have also uncover that every time we consume red meats, other than the fats that mix in our bloodstream, we also need to be aware of carnitite. Carnitite is a substance that gets release every time we consume red meats, carnitite is a bacteria, which also go into our arteries and helps clog them over time. As if it is not enough that red meats increases our changes of getting a heart attack, there is also the damage to our stomach and intestinal tract, according to Stanley Hazen, the section head of Preventive Cardiology and Rehabilitation at the Cleveland Clinic:

“The bacteria living in our digestive tracts are dictated by our long-term dietary patterns.”

The problem with carnitite is that our bodies cannot digest or deal with the bacteria just as easy, which also contributes for our bodies to become so much more tired after having that juicy steak, some even get that need to take a nap, that is because our bodies have such a hard time breaking down the fats and dealing with bacteria.


Have you heart about colorectal or colon cancer? You probably have. In my country of residence, accordion to the Canadian Cancer Society, colon cancer is the 3rd leading cause of cancer in Canada in women. Colon cancer represents 13% of all other cancer types in Canada. Colon cancer is also the 3rd leading cause of the United States, according to the American Cancer Society. I am not so surprise of these numbers, after all as a North American resident, I know for sure that the consumption of red meats is very much a part of the culture and even tradition. In North America, is not uncommon for a resident to own a barbeque grill, which sits in the backyard or the balcony, for those condo or apartment dwellers. Meats are very much a part of the regular food choices, with restaurants for which menu specializes in, like The Keg Restaurant or just about any so called “steak house” restaurant. To”buy someone a steak dinner” is considered a reward for accomplishing some feat or favor.

So, what is happening, if red meats are so harmful, shouldn’t it become more known to people that there is a risk they are partaking, with every steak dinner, with every meal, like alcohol or cigarettes it should come with a warning. Why does that warning need to come the day you visit your doctor, because you have to, at age 50? Only to find out you have a heart condition, a form of diabetes or perhaps colon cancer?

I have not even mentioned processed meats, because this is a whole other more serious issue. I will save that one for another post, though you can read this post where I do mention it though not is a lot of detail. I have also not mentioned that most red meats contain a high portion of hormones and preservatives, especially to cut red meats you find shrink wrapped in the grocery market. The reality that red meats are a silent killer is because of the silent that exist by our government, our media and those who profit from this industry and do not come forth with us with the truth. As with cigarettes, perhaps there needs to be shake up in the courts, a couple of whistle blowers who will do something so that this truth becomes more known. What should be learned from all of this is how important it is to not dependent on authorities to help us be healthy, as I have written before, we have to take this responsibility upon ourselves or else you will have to find out these truths when it is perhaps too late to turn it all around.

But what to do?

Well, if it did not come clear, avoid eating red meats, not altogether perhaps, but replace your options with chicken or turkey, I do warn about fish as an option, but do replace your protein intake with eggs, tofu, chicken or turkey breasts, nuts and seeds. These foods do contain enough protein for you to be healthy, there are others, but you will have to do your own research and figure out what you need.


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