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It has been more than a month since my last post. While I can’t necessarily guarantee that I can write a post as often as I wished, life does throw so much at you sometimes, It is hard to keep up with everything you wish to do. This did not mean this website was not …   Read More

It has been more than a month since my last post. While I can’t necessarily guarantee that I can write a post as often as I wished, life does throw so much at you sometimes, It is hard to keep up with everything you wish to do. This did not mean this website was not in my mind, in fact I have also been in this process of piecing new dots together and adding more volumes to my repertoire of knowledge that I cannot wait to share with you and anyone else who encounters this website. If there is one thing that seems irrefutable is that our world is going through a critical time, this is clearly depicted by the acceleration of wars, poverty, the economic crisis and most recently the environmental disasters brought forth by Hurricane Sandy. These events paint a picture that we are all living through at the same time. So much of an spiritual concept I would like to refer to the significance of water. If you noticed around the bookstores a popular book by Dr. Masaru Emoto‘s research on water on a series of books, but the first and most known as the Messages of Water. At lot is said about whether his research is real science or real science. Experienced said that in any new paradigm, there will always be those who would act in rejecting it. For this I would like to share this quote by Aristotle:

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle

For this, as it is the case with a few of my posts in this website, I ask you to entertain these ideas, because this even how the most hardcore science today began, it began with a lot of intuition and with the envisioning of ideas, sometimes these were categorized as outrageous and even blasphemous. For this, the work of Dr. Emoto brings a new perspective as how we look at water. Water, one of the most essential element, the precursor to which life arose from, the primordial soup, the only element which is capable in transmuting into gas, liquid and solid form. Water is everywhere and it is 57% of our bodies and it is the same for other animals, insects and plants. Without water there is no life, in fact, the most important reason, and the most important signs for life in other planets, is through the search for water. There was a lot of excitement in the media when they announced that water was found in Mars. This meant, that life was once present in the planet. One of the most important recent paradigm discovered by science as it is irrefutably true, is that water has a memory. This theory was first proposed by Dr. Jacques Benveniste, in an article posted in 1988 in the scienctitfic journal Nature. Because the power of video is easily presentable and easy to share these days I want to show you this clip from the Oasis HD Channel in which Dr. Benveniste’s work is explained:

For more info visit: http://odewire.com/170441/scientists-investigate-water-memory.html Having seen the video, you can ask and reflect for a second of what this means, if water can store information and we are mostly made of water and the earth is mostly made of water, can we conclude that we are more interconnected than we realize? In fact, let’s think how we consume water, water passes through a very mechanical system of pieces and sewers that go to a body of water like a like, river or ocean then after a chemical filtration system becomes part of bodies. Not to mention the memories these water collects as it travels from the body of water into our faucets and down to our digestive systems. Dr. Emoto’ book Messages from Water contains several photographs which show how words produce specific molecular effect on water that absorves it. For example when the word hate is pronounced, the water molecules show a very disharmonious pattern, in contrast when the word love is pronounced in the presence of water, the water molecules takes share of a harmonious pattern often resembling that of a snow molecule we are familiar because of things Christmas decorations.

This is an example of water shaping according to a disharmonious or negative word/phrase (left) and a positive harmonious word (right)

The above is an example of water in disharmony when exposed to a negative word of phrase and next to it when a word or phrases that expresses a positive emotion. So how do I purify the water from its memory? Research is showing that the compound know as orgonite® proves to have clear and tested results in the way that the compound interacts with water. In case you did not know orgonite® Is simply put piece of orgonite is simply a mixture of crystals, shaved metal, and catalysed resin that has hardened in a mould. I won’t get into detail but if you look for the word orgone energy, you will come across information that details the science behind it. There is much to talk about water in terms of how to purify it chemically such using a reverse osmosis system and not using bottled water, however this was not the purpose of this post. I hope you enjoy it and I leave you to check out this page which explains what orgonite® is and how to make your own: http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/orgonite/ Finally, Dr. Emoto did an interesting study in which he placed rice in three differenct glasses of water and poured water in each, to one glass he said “thank you”, he said “you are an idiot” and third he ignored, the results are shown in a segment of this documentary:


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