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At some point or another, we have wondered about this very question or at least just: what is going on with the environment? After all, we all share this planet, therefore, the ‘environment’ is really something that should concern us all as it is our home. In reality, it is not really about saving the …   Read More

At some point or another, we have wondered about this very question or at least just: what is going on with the environment? After all, we all share this planet, therefore, the ‘environment’ is really something that should concern us all as it is our home. In reality, it is not really about saving the Earth, the Earth does not need saving, it is about saving ourselves, because even if we continue on our polluting ways uncontested and without a hinge, the Earth will just continue on without us, what does and can happen is that more and more the Earth becomes more inhospitable and more unsuitable for us to live in it. It is little to no wonder we are witnessing more earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes etc. more than ever before. In addition to this, if not for the constant weather fluctuations, the sudden droughts, sudden snow falls in places where has never or rarely seen snow, extreme temperatures, whether cold or hot, sometimes you gotta wonder whether some alien race has taken over the Earth and is doing something the likes of terraforming it. Of course, why go all the way into this line of thinking, it does help to think about what is going on with the environment, because we must integrate ourselves in the wavelength of people who, if not directly affecting change, can be in the position to change things.

The ‘Science Guy’ Bill Nye has been receiving a lot of public attention lately as he as shown his views on various topics, among them global warming.

The issue of climate change is really a non-issue, indeed climate change is a reality, it should be so obvious to everyone. The question remains who or what is responsible for climate change? Generally, from documentaries like the famous “The Inconvenient Truth” has been telling us that ‘we’ are the culprit, it is because of our bad ways we are driving our environment to change in a way that will translate into our demise unless we do something to change it. So, more or less now, we are aware we should at least be recycling some of our waste whether it is at home or outside home. This is, unfortunately, the only thing we are told we can do to help the situation. Of course, there are those who are in the spirit of activism and join environmentalist groups in hope of inflicting change. There is one real issue that is not discussed enough or debated enough, especially by the mainstream media. Often, when you see a climate change debate you see someone like Bill Nye who would go on debating the topic of global warming, but not so much about the cause of what is translating itself in a very palpable result of mindless corporatism.

North Dakota Oil Boom
North Dakota has been one of the oil ‘booming’ states, consequently the environmental impact has been also quite remarkable.

In Canada, as it is the case in many parts of the world, there is a boom right now in Alberta where the famous Athabasca oil sands has significantly changed the economy of the region, specifically in the town of Fort Murray, which has colloquially been nicknamed ‘Fort McMoney’ because of the premise of short-term high paying jobs have to offer. Similar stories are happening around the world, under similar circumstances, the main problem is of course our dependance on fossil fuels. For a long time now, this has been the basis of power in the world, by power I mean the wealth fossil fuels generate for a numbered few individuals, many of which happen to be connected to specific countries, namely Saudi Arabia. Our dependance on fossil fuels is also driving large corporations to dig deep into and through the process of extraction called ‘fracking‘ causing an even bigger environmental threat due to the amount of pollution the process leaves out. For many communities, this translates into polluted air, soil and water. There are those famous videos which depict an individual burning tap water, for example and many others showing the devastation this fossil extraction is causing. Not to even mention the wars that have been driven by the acquisition of fossil fuels from countries like Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan and Syria. Now, in a similar fashion, there is an more imminent conflict brewing in regards to Russia and their intentions to possess some of these same resources via their territorial expansion.

Many things have been blamed for global warming, among those theories is that the “12th planet” or planet Nibiru is approaching and thus unleashing havoc near our solar system heating up the planets.

In essence, our dependency on oil is really what is wrong with our environment, not global warming, not our recycling habits, not planet Nibiru approaching our solar system, why then are we not adopting alternative sources of energy rather quickly? By this, I don’t only mean electric cars, I also mean other dependencies, such as heating and cooling energy sources. If you follow the money, you come to realize that due to the fact a handful of people in the planet who happen to benefit greatly from our continued dependency on fossil fuels stand between our ability to change our ways and a better future for humanity. These people and their companies are the ones we should think about every time we hear about a hurricane, earthquake, tornado or extreme weather conditions. It is not to say that the weather is ‘crazy,’ rather the power we have allowed these mega wealthy people to thrive is crazy. And of course, it does not help in one bit these mega wealthy people own the media, the politicians and drive public opinion. They are the ones creating doubts as to what is really affecting our environment, why are we facing radical weather changes and this is also why millions of animal species who don’t stand a chance to these changes are disappearing from existence. We need to stand together to at least realize who is the real culprit, because otherwise we are not only not helping, we are getting in the way of those who can or will help get us out of this mess.

The effects of fracking is very real for a lot of people, where looming disease, polluted air quality, polluted water, contaminated food, and induced earthquakes such as these people on a rally in Ohio to try to stop companies from drilling.

In the year 2015, our dependancy does not seem to dissipate. If anything, it increases, the premise of electric cars is still far, Tesla is producing one of the best electric cars ever made but the price tag is mainly far away from many pockets. There are, of course, cheaper alternatives, however even if you settle for something less than nice, the infrastructure for electric cars is really not here yet and worse of all the milage you will get on a full charge of battery is limiting. This year more companies will continue to drill, even when the OPEC keeps lowering the prices of oil, when the price of oil gets cheaper, the production will have to increase, even when it is becoming more and more obvious about the dangers of fracking. So, the future is uncertain for the planet and more so for those directly affected communities like North Dakota, Fort McMurray, Pennsylvania, West Virgina, you name it. If we are to care for what is happening in the environment, because although it is really easy to look at the cities being affected right now from afar, the time when we look far might come to an end and only then it might be too late to turn the clock.

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