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Cancer is bar none one the deadliest diseases we humans need to worry about. On average cancer claims of the lives of 7.6 million people worldwide, according to the WHO. The worrying can in itself be harmful to our health, but it does have a merit. It seems it is common nature that cancer touches …   Read More

Cancer is bar none one the deadliest diseases we humans need to worry about. On average cancer claims of the lives of 7.6 million people worldwide, according to the WHO. The worrying can in itself be harmful to our health, but it does have a merit. It seems it is common nature that cancer touches in one way or another, whether directly or indirectly. A recent UN report states that by the year 2030 cancer will rise by a factor of 50%,  it seems now cancer is more in our radars, whether it is taking the lives of our loved ones or of famous people, one easily identifiable figure being Steve Jobs, the famed Apple CEO. In Canada, cancer was in the radar because it took the life of a former highly regarded leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), Jack Layton, who was the victim of prostate cancer in 2011. His widow, Olivia Chow, is currently running to take over the mayoral post in Toronto. Cancer rates and cancer treatment is open for debate. The problem right now is that there is currently no cancer cure, or we are being told by contemporary medicine. If you have had a loved taken by cancer, you know that hospitals’ answer to treat cancer is chemotherapy. This is a treatment or otherwise doctors will tell you this might only prolong the life of the patient. The reality is, the moment a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, whatever the state it is, or even if the cancer goes into remission, cancer is basically a death sentence.

“The first use of drugs to treat cancer was in the early 20th century, although it was not originally intended for that purpose. Mustard gas was used as a chemical warfare agent during World War I and was discovered to be a potent suppressor of hematopoiesis (blood production)” – JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical Association

Why now in the year 2014, we cannot find the cure to cancer, we do not even have a proper way to treat it as chemotherapy in many cases does the opposite of what it claims as it is not a targeted treatment, but rather is like dropping bombs in a village hoping to kill the few terrorists hiding it. Funny the concept of chemotherapy treatment is not so different than the drone campaigns have been involved in to kill the “cancer” or terrorists while at the same time killing many innocent women, elderly and children. This is the option we have in temporary medicine. In other articles I have written about the previous cancer treatments which have been given a blind eye. The point here is that cancer is also big business and due to the fact it is a treated as a business and not as problem placating humanity, it tends to shift the focus to create profitable ways to treat it, rather than proper ways to treat it. In essence, if chemotherapy is all we got, it is most likely because there is a huge pharmaceutical revenue stream, and the powers who have invested in them, behind its use and recommendation.

“The first chemotherapy drug to be developed from this line of research was mustine. Since then, many other drugs have been developed to treat cancer, and drug development has exploded into a multibillion-dollar industry, although the principles and limitations of chemotherapy discovered by the early researchers still apply.” – Wikipedia

Cancer is a multimillion industry, more precisely a 124 billion dollar industry. Therefore, when the interest is money and not the patients, it gets harder for this oligarchs to give a little bit of room to invest in treatments that do more to combat the effects of the disease rather than simply extending it, even just barely.

Hard to argue with numbers, spending on cancer is on the rise in the United States.

I understand there is a lot of skepticism in what I am writing, I invite you to instead of dismissing what I am saying, to do your own research about whether there are reasons to doubt the current cancer research and their conflict interests that exist. This is the major obstacle to finding the true cancer cure. This is an issue which is now seemingly not in your interest, but there is a high probability either you or someone you love might be facing cancer in the future, don’t you want to act with the truth and not fall into being a victim of hopeless treatments? In 2009, a study released by the University of Michigan found that 29 percent of published journal articles on cancer research contained financial conflict of interests. Some of what the study revealed said:

“Out of the 1,534 cancer studies identified, nearly a third, 29 percent, had conflicts of interest that were, in fact, fairly obvious from a review of the published studies authors’ declarations and authorship lists (which included medical industry funding, consulting fees to the researchers, co-authorship by industry employees, etc.). Some 17 percent had direct industry funding. The conflicts of interest found most often, according to the current CANCER study, were in articles with primary authors from medical oncology departments (45 percent), who were based in North America (33 percent), and those with male first and senior authors (37 percent).  ”  – alternet.org

Therefore, those cancer runs, biking events, movember, or whatever those campaigns that exist to support cancer research go hand in hand to fill the pockets pharmaceuticals who do not have everyone’s interest at heart, but rather the interest of creating a product that they have a patent for and for which will secure their financial stability for decades to come. It is not like there are no alternative cancer treatments, which have shown promising results in the past and which deserve more research and investigation. Such alternative treatments may not work, such as for example hemp related treatments, because no once can patent hemp. Or not much has been done about understanding the orthomolecular treatments, which teach people how to treat cancer simply by changing their diets, or using alkalizing methods to fight off cancer cells. Unless, the political scheme of cancer research shifts in a way that there are no money seeking schemes that create conflicts of interest, I do not think I can support the direction advertised by those groups, which organize cancer research events. Sources used: http://english.cntv.cn/program/newshour/20140204/102140.shtml http://www.theorganicprepper.ca/making-a-killing-with-cancer-a-124-6-billion-dollar-industry-12092013 http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=219975 http://www.alternet.org/story/140191/medical_research_bought_off_by_big_pharma

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