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Revolutions are a thing of the past. That’s right I am talking about revolutions, you will immediately be drawn to argue with me that we currently are living through many revolutions, you can name Egypt, Syria, Libya, Sierra Leone, Tunisia etc. We can go to the past and bring up historical cases like the former …   Read More

Revolutions are a thing of the past. That’s right I am talking about revolutions, you will immediately be drawn to argue with me that we currently are living through many revolutions, you can name Egypt, Syria, Libya, Sierra Leone, Tunisia etc. We can go to the past and bring up historical cases like the former Soviet Union, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba etc. Revolutions are a historical motif and have been for the recent and old times in the human historical map. Have we realized that revolutions worked? Are people or “revolutionaries” aware of humanity’s history and have they made an informed decision before becoming a revolutionary? If you look at history, you will reach the same conclusion that I have reached and see that revolutions really don’t work. To give an example, let’s look at Cuba. Cuba is an easy example, because of the freshness and proximity to the Americas. Also because it has become an iconic presence in popular culture through movies and imagery. In this sense, in order to make my case strong, I chose to reference Cuba in the hopes you will have a good level of understanding.

Before 1953, Cuba was under the jurisdiction of the United States and under the surveillance of former president Fulgencio Batista. Cuba was once another island owned and operated for the sole purpose of entertainment and pleasure; much of the way Puerto Rico and Hawaii function today. With luxurious casinos and resorts, the island was a haven for rich foreigners in order to fullfill their animalistic needs of sex, drugs and money. This wold have been fine and dandy except that former Cuban president and dictator Bastita was a despot and genocidal psychopath much of what recently came to know about Saddam Hussain, Hosni Mubarack, Manuel Noriega, Augusto Pinochet, Alberto Fujimori, Slobodan Milosevic and others. The United States had no problem with Batista as he governed the poverty stricken yet revenue generating island with easy and an iron fist. An uncounted number of atrocities, including violations of human rights, genocide, corruption and pure greed drove a number of Cubans to grow tired of the regime and got behind the organization of the Castro brothers and under the helm of Ernesto “Che” Guevara and other leaders. It took the Cuban revolutionaries nearly a decade to succeed in ousting Batista whom was fully armed and funded by the then United States government. The death toll from the Cuban revolution perpetrated from the added total of both sides is as follows: Firing squad executions: 4,074 Extrajudicial killings not in prision: 1,334 Missin and disappeared: 219 Other, including death in prision (1): 2,215 Total: 7,842 Death in “Balseros” or the Cuban escapees to Florida, U.S.A. (estimate to 2003) (2): 77,833 Estimated Grand total: 85, 675 Added to this, there is the death loss to combat related deaths which add an additional 16,282 Source: Cuba Archive Free Society Project, Inc. These numbers may not seem much to you, after all we have seen and we are seeing staggering figures from the recent wars in the Middle East. The current Cuban population is also of 11 million Cubans in the 2010 census shows the death toll minimal. However, putting the number in perspectives that the army to population ration from 11 million to a couple of thousands accounting to the militia is a regular figure in comparison to other countries and their armies. The death tolls in the themselves are not the main point. the main point is: Has Cuba succeeded to implementing a society that is better for Cubans than was Cuba before Batista under the helm of the United States? Well, the unfortunate answer is no, the standard of living tells a grim picture for Cubans, whom although do not starve still live in Third World conditions. I will tell you that as a Latino-Canadian, the story of Cuba is a story some of us Latinos would like to believe be a success, because some us woke up to the realization that there is little or no difference between the current United States empire and other empires like the Spanish or the Portugese were 500 years ago. Our Latino countries have been placated and robbed of our natural resources and culture for way too long. Some of us are not fooled by the elections, we know these are just pre-selected pawns of the current empire. This is why Cuba is a story we would love to be believe as a real success. Unfortunately, I argue it is not. The issue with the revolutions, I as I revise in the Cuban example, as it is we are seeing with Egypt is that once the overthrown is replaced by the “people’s” it will not necessarily be replaced by a regime that benefits people, but rather the circumstances will be replaced with other pains and mis management. Why is that? you can ask. The reason is the minds and circumstances that allow a corrupt power-driven genocidal greedy attitudes we saw in former Cuban president Batista are still present, whether it will be during the Castro regime or not. What Cuba did with their communist iron fist rule is simply suppress the pre dispositions and latent wants of the people who want the same results that the people who governed under Batista once did. And it is not not sustainable because just like we saw with the U.S.S.R and China a revolution will only give a different kind of ruthless regime and if does not turn into a ruthless regime, it will turn into a nation ruled the current super power, or if it is not that super power, it will be ruled by the debt dependancy machine of the international monetary system. So what to do? I don’t claim to know the key to a utopian world, although I dream I can provide this answer some day. The one thing I do know is that the first thing to work on is ourselves. Because the world we live on, as shitty as it is, is a reflection of our collective inner state. So, in order to bring a better world, we need to clean inside ourselves, clean of insecurities, fears and bring awareness to the way the world functions, find your true direction inside yourself. Are you doing what you are here to do in this planet? Are you happy with your profession? Is that your passion? Is that your vocation? Are you up for helping yourself and forget the neighbour? Do you care for your fellow men? What do you do in your free time? Do you do something for the world? Do you at least try to protect mother-earth? Do you recycle? Do you inform yourself of what’s happening around you? Or do you just taken in information as what it is chewed of you? Do you analyze? Do you draw your own conclusions? The movie, The Matrix was, I believe, a message for us to decode, because it is not too far from reality. Among many of the messages in the film, a key idea was that of “freeing your mind,” if you do this, you will be taking a step towards the betterment of the world, because if you do you that you can become closer to your true purpose and perhaps then you can help the world. We, New Media Warriors, believe we can help free your mind, but never doing everything for you. You need to do your own work. If you believe in this I am writing, you should join us and help free more minds, because you are more powerful than you know.
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