• We were all shocked after seeing the washing machine commercial by Chinese washing machine brand Qiaobi, because it just screams racism. The topic of racism is an ongoing one. It is also a controversial topic, because it touches everyone. It so happens there is no one single race, although many would say there is: the …   Read More

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  • The documentary Citizenfour (2014) by Laura Poitras was recently awarded the most prestigious award in the film industry. On stage of the third most televised live events in the world, the Oscars, stood Laura Poitras next to Glen Greenwald and Edward Snowden’s own girlfriend Lindsay Mills to accept the award. In case you didn’t have a …   Read More

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  • We are all vulnerable creatures. That is our world is so incredibly complex, hardly anyone is in a position to cover all the areas there to know, so we rely on others to help us cope with the gaps. Often times, we don’t think of the collective, but in the only one we can possibly rely on, …   Read More

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  • Apple made the headlines again with the release of their Apple Watch, a much anticipated wearable device that marks the official era of wearables. Apple, the most profitable company in the world, a leader in smartphone sales all around the world, brought their version of the smart watch. As Samsung and Pebble have done with …   Read More

  • It seems a day does not go by without a new movie, book or T.V. show nurturing the idea of artificial intelligence becoming our doom. Leave it to the new Avengers movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron to add a cherry on top the what is now part of our collective consciousness. Even the world renowned physicist Steven Hawkins …   Read More

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  • The times where we thought of depression as a just synonym for prolonged sadness are long gone. Depression is starting to be known as more as a disease, as it is the case for an entire assortment of mental illnesses. The stigma behind mental illnesses in general still stand, depression is unfortunately as stigmatized as …   Read More

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  • In the age we live in, everything we do has the potential to be known. The age we live in today, an Age of Transparency, where your activities are being tracked at every whim of your smartphone. To those Luddites who still do not yet own a smartphone, because of this very reason, they are …   Read More

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  • Growing up I really thought of the Olympic games being only as a second level interest, the first being the FIFA World Cup. Of course, it could be because I grew in a “soccer” country and so it only makes sense my interest fits this order of priority. In either case, when I learned that …   Read More

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  • Is our society in the midst of doom? Are we approaching a World War III? Many hypothesize about these questions, even to believe they can prove it, after all there is the impression that the things we are experiencing today are unprecedented and the worst ever. It is easy to get caught up in the …   Read More

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  • The choices we make in movies are reflective of the variety in tastes and personalities that exist among us. A specific movie, as glorified or awarded as it might be could just be mediocre to some. Really, no matter the amount of a praise a movie can receive by movie critics, or even your family …   Read More

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