• The times where we thought of depression as a just synonym for prolonged sadness are long gone. Depression is starting to be known as more as a disease, as it is the case for an entire assortment of mental illnesses. The stigma behind mental illnesses in general still stand, depression is unfortunately as stigmatized as …   Read More

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  • We all just want to be happy. Let’s face it, to be happy is the number one goal we all share. I don’t think I have met anyone who doesn’t have that goal in life. I would even dare say that even people who face depression still have not lost the desire to want to …   Read More

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  • It’s your birthday, well today it’s actually my birthday, and it is the day when a lot of people congratulate you and wish good things. If you spend time with co-workers, friends and family, you will be sure to be treated extra special on this day, with extra care and an effort is placed to …   Read More

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  • There are those beliefs we have, which really are like urban legends, we would like to pretend they are ok or perhaps we ignore them in hopes someday they will cease to exist. Unfortunately, there is a global conspiracy whether intentionally or unintentionally to make these beliefs long lasting, constant repetition, and at times debate …   Read More

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  • Whether we are aware of it or not, we are living among the clouds. We are, according to some definitions, already in heaven. I am talking about “the cloud,” as in the world of storage-less software applications that run in the background, without the need to install anything on you computer. The cloud has recently …   Read More

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  • How often do we stop to think about this? Although there are plenty of psychology studies out there that seek to answer this very same question, it is always important to ask this question to ourselves, because of the times we live in. There is hardly no one these days who is not a member of a social …   Read More

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  • Every one us usually just try to do our best, there are those perfectionists who would like to think they are doing things better than most, but often they simply can’t because there is some lack of knowledge or because we tend to get used to doing things, sometimes we learn how to do the most …   Read More

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  • Last October 31, I wrote an article about the origins of Halloween. This time, I wanted to take a moment to explore the meaning of this much awaited Winter celebration. It is one of the wonderful time of the year (or so we hear again and again through songs), if you live in a Christian influenced …   Read More

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  • The New Year is here and we are excited about what our new year will bring. One common activity for many is to set new year resolutions of goals as this year begins. To many of us the New Year is type of ‘reset’ akin to that of an operating system, often we let our …   Read More

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  • At some point or another, we have wondered about this very question or at least just: what is going on with the environment? After all, we all share this planet, therefore, the ‘environment’ is really something that should concern us all as it is our home. In reality, it is not really about saving the …   Read More

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