• For those who are not aware of this, I work for CERIC, the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling, a Canadian charitable organization whose role is to support and enhance the work of career service professionals in Canada. It is for this reason, as I turn 5 years in my current role, I have learned a …   Read More

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  • Every one us usually just try to do our best, there are those perfectionists who would like to think they are doing things better than most, but often they simply can’t because there is some lack of knowledge or because we tend to get used to doing things, sometimes we learn how to do the most …   Read More

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  • Last October 31, I wrote an article about the origins of Halloween. This time, I wanted to take a moment to explore the meaning of this much awaited Winter celebration. It is one of the wonderful time of the year (or so we hear again and again through songs), if you live in a Christian influenced …   Read More

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  • The New Year is here and we are excited about what our new year will bring. One common activity for many is to set new year resolutions of goals as this year begins. To many of us the New Year is type of ‘reset’ akin to that of an operating system, often we let our …   Read More

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  • At some point or another, we have wondered about this very question or at least just: what is going on with the environment? After all, we all share this planet, therefore, the ‘environment’ is really something that should concern us all as it is our home. In reality, it is not really about saving the …   Read More

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  • It’s the battle of the sexes, in today’s world that terms doesn’t just mean men versus women. And although feminism has had its share of battles won, there are still many things for which women should be outraged about. Gender inequality now, however means more than just lesser opportunities for women, but even lesser human …   Read More

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  • Inherently the statement given in the title of this article is not true, there is no reason why some people are better than others. The reality, in practice, is that our world does make this distinction, as much as international organizations like the U.N., governments, large or small organizations would have us believe, and as …   Read More

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  • As I write this article, the first case of the Ebola virus has been reported in Toronto, the city I reside in. It does seem very far fetched when all you hear about this seemingly hellish virus happens half way across where you live in another misfortune African country. As it is with many of …   Read More

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  • Many people who know me have little or no knowledge of what I am about to write about, some people actually don’t even know where Peru is or let alone what happened in Peru. Everyone right know is focused on the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and the term “terrorist” has pretty much become …   Read More

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  • As it is the effort of this website to bring awareness, I thought it was only fitting that I collect some understanding behind some of the most popular superstitious beliefs, whether you choose to believe in some, none or all of them, it is always better when we understand these beliefs better. when we do …   Read More

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